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fuck. hi... i'm erica, just joined bc, who the hell knows, i need somewhere to say the shit in my head. I feel like shit right now, like i just want to reach inside to make it stop or something. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me. I am not someone you would think shouldn't be happy... but sometimes it's too hard and it's fucking stupid because I have no real reason to be this upset. I live in fucking Miami, play soccer with a team of my best friends and have a good relationship with my family, so why the hell do i feel like crying? then i think about that and how fucking stupid it is to be upset when nothing is that bad and it just pisses me off more. background - been cutting sporadically for about a year now, but this past two weeks I've cut more than the past 4 months. wtf? ok, sorry, i just really needed somewhere to write this... sorry
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