September 20th, 2005

The truest pain

Sadly enough we all suffer from something we do not understand. None of us could even comprehend our own nature that carrys over from your childhood lives. Your desire to have what you do not and the easy dissatisfaction with what we already have and have conquered. What is the point to staying in the light? I'll tell you one good reason. The longer you stay in the light and the longer you live the stronger you become. Not a streght that can be seen or noticed but a strenght that builds upon itself and forces the weak to bend unto your will. A strenght that can overbearingly increase all the odds in your favor. There is strenght in loneliness that can not be found anywhere else. I know that people all live to die so whats the point in rushing that fact. Why not give the cage the big "fuck you" and go about living your life how ever you feel like living it. You dont like what you have leave it behind kill it do whatever you want with it. The only you face in the morning when you wake up is yourself as long as yourself can justify you then no one else matters. Love what a childs game what is this love everyone speaks of but a game that occupys time. The true nature of the world was never intended for humans to love one another we are meant to live and then die I love how we added all these things to make us feel better before we die. Its pathetic really.