January 16th, 2005

Sleeping with your Demons

a friend told me once, not too long ago, "Make friends with your demons, they make excellent Bed Fellow". I thought at the time, that i had, and that i had come to the acceptance that life, for some was just meant to be live in darkness. This has always been a hard truth for me to accept, but now that my eyes have grown accustomed to the eternal night that i know know my soul and mind is perpetually shroaded in, my demons, are not so bad any more. Even though modern medicine has made leaps and bounds, in the treatment and suppression of said demons, they will never be able to completely vanquish them from existance. Maybe, if one lived his life in a state of comatose, intoxicated treatment, they could possibly escape the voices that wisper to them in the silence of the night. Or that they might finally be freed of the memories of events past, that forever repay in the mind, sharper than the last time. Would you want to live like that? Or is it just simply better to accept your suffering, make friends with your misery, and embrace it, for pain is an inevitable part of living. Just as constant as death, it always has been, and always will be right there, shadowing you as you go along through this desolate wasteland of existance. I've befriended my demons, i just never thought that my bed would become so full, once i did.