deaths_sorrow82 (deaths_sorrow82) wrote in silent_torture,

The Greatest Illusion, the deepest deception

How is it, that someone could become so utterly blind to the truth, when it's shining in their face like a spotlight? How could someone honestly and sincerely lead themselves on, believing that everything is alright, and that life had bestowed upon your grossely starving belly the sweetest fruits of life. Happiness is so overrated. We live in a world of hurt and tears, so why not conform to the norm? Why put so much effort and give so much of yourself to try to be different from what the "Way life is"? Why try anymore. Why not just bask in the endless sea of your own saddness and find comfort in drowning slowly in your own sea of hurt and dispair. Not not embrace the night finally, giving yourself into its coldness and it's solitude, and giving the light the big FUCK YOU finger as you descend further into the abyss. A soul drawn inward, twards the frigid center of one's own pain, finding the truth in life and love, only in a sea od saddness. A wasteland of doubt consumed by a moon that glows pale without comfort or company. Who even really cares anymore, and why would you even ponder these thoughts that i do now? No one wants to know, or even hear it. I gues i am just another example of someone who lived under a UV light, surrounded by glass, and thought it was a world i lived in. Wonder how it is that i finally came to see that it was a prison i lived in.
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